Potty sissy slave training

sissy slave training

Human toilet sissy slave training is so nasty and fun! You want to dress up in some sexy panties and let me pee in your mouth. I enjoy the fuck out of that. And then you say you need to drink your own piss as you lay there and tell me how fucking gross and raunchy you are for me. Shit eating ass cleaning cock loving nasty man! I don’t know why I’ve been blogging about you. Sometimes you just make me sick with all the shit eating talk. But I bet you 100% if your ass was here I would totally shit in your mouth., I would use your tongue as toilet paper any day of the week. I love my sissy whores who take dick and dress up. But sometimes an ass eater and complete nasty fucking commode comes into my life and the world needs to know these fucking potty perverts exist! Can you imagine a Cock sucking, cum eating sissy fag with her satin sissy panties full of shit just waiting for a chance to take a dick in her mess! I’m willing to pull down those shit filled panties and stick my strap so far up that foul ass! I just want you to know how fucking disgusting you are and how much I enjoy you eating and drinking my bodily waste. 

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    • Remy on March 23, 2022 at 11:25 am
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    Can i be your potty pervert? I love piss!

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