Sissy Phone Calls Can Be Whatever You Need with a Sissy Mom Like Me

sissy phoneSissy phone calls always bring a smile to my face. Honestly, I love being a sissy trainer, even if most of my clients are only speaking to me on the phone. Mother’s Day was a busy sissy day for a sissy mom. I am a mother to two boys who most likely will be trans girls when they are older. I know the world is going crazy about trans youth right now. No surgery. No puberty blockers. When they are 18, they can decide for themselves what is best for their bodies. In the meantime, however, I can help them dress, act and look like girls. Just like I do my callers. A sissy mom is a nurturer. I encourage you no matter what kind of sissy you want to be. There are all sorts of sissies. There are BBC sissies. There are cock sucking sissies. There are bottom beta bitch sissies. There are momma’s sissy boys. There are sissy maids. There are pretty little sissy girls. I am the best sissy trainer for many kinds of sissies.

Hal is a BBC sissy. She goes by Haley now. And when it comes to big black cocks, I know just what I am doing. I put Haley in something pink and pretty. Did her makeup and made her look so girly that I doubt anyone in the dark could tell she was not born a girl. I called up Tyrese and he brought two friends. Sissy Haley got her first induction into the Black New World Order where she will pay reparations with her sissy holes. I watched Tyrese and his two hung friends tear Sissy Haley’s holes up and fill them with cum. They showed no mercy. Do not feel badly for Sissy Haley. She begged for it all as a greedy BBC faggot. And, as a BBC sissy trainer, I delivered Sissy Haley exactly what she wanted. It does not matter what kind of sissy you are. As a sissy mom I will nurture and encourage you to reach your sissy goals.

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