Sissy Pay Piggies

Mistress phone sex

I love sissy pay piggies, they let me use their bodies and wallets just the way I please I love when they call me and want to empty out their wallets just to hear me make them my sluts. When they call, they tip me so well and they get to hear me moan and put them in their slut place, while spending their money on clothes for my sexy body or sex toys to please my pussy with because they know their little pathetic cocks won’t do it for me. They love it knowing I will reward them with lots of spankings or I let them kiss and lick my feet while I pleasure myself to their weak submissive slut bodies. I don’t stop telling them how small and unworthy their cocks are and how they need to tip me better so I can buy bigger dildos or even heels to use to step on them while I show them why they call me Mistress Gypsy.

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    • Leland on March 12, 2021 at 11:27 pm
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    I’ll be your slut

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