Sissy panties is what you wear when around me

There is nothing better than picking a new pair of Sissy panties for a good sissy slut. My favorite sissy and I found the perfect pair to fit his chastity. I like to put my sissies in a chastity to teach them how their clitty should be caged up until I am ready to play with it. I make sure that I use your tongue to clean my heels before I bend you over my knee. I use my favorite wooden paddle with the word slut studded on it to start his spankings. Every time my paddle hit his ass, my sissy needed to count and thank me. Every sissy bitch knows you must thank your mistress for everything she gives you. After a while I could see the word slut welting on his ass. That is how I knew my sissy slut was ready for my favorite strap, I named captain coleman. All I had to say was the captain is coming and my sissy bitch got very excited. She wiggles her ass in the air and shows how much Sissy slave training she has really gotten because she right away sucks my toes and licks his way up my legs to the captain. I love grabbing her by the hair and fucking her mouth open. I know it gets her quite excited but that is why she wears her chastity

Sissy panties

. She turns around for me, wiggling her ass in the air again trying to make sure I see her sissy pussy. If she has been good, I will reward her with Captain Coleman and shove my strap deep in her hole. I tell her to wiggle it like she was before and by that time she is begging me to let her clitty leak sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. But she always thanks her mistress for anything I give her.

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