Sissy Panties Are What Sissies Need to Wear

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? I love panty boys. I think for a lot of sissies it all begins with mommy’s panty drawer. I am a mother. I have a teenage daughter and twin teen boys who live their lives as girls now. They are transgendered and once they turn 18, they can start hormone therapy and get boob jobs. I knew they were femme boys when they were young. They used to steal my sexy lingerie. Now, that is not abnormal for young boys, but they began playing in my panty drawer long before they were old enough to get traditional boy boners. They were not jacking off in my panties like most horny boys. They were wearing them. They liked the way they felt on their bodies. Silky panties do feel good. Many women would shame their boys for wearing panties. I tell those women to get out of the dark ages. Gender is fluid, and we are long past the days of men and women needing to have clear lines of what makes you a boy or a girl. A mother who is a sissy phone sex trainer, knows there are other reasons a young boy may be attracted to his mommy’s panties.  I helped my boys come out of the closest and live their lives honestly as femboys. A mother is often best able to handle a femboy son. Fathers want to force their boys to be straight even when it is detrimental to their son’s mental well-being. I am a nurturing mother. I love my sons and I love my sissy boys. My sons are free to be who they want. If they want to wear my sexy lingerie and suck cock, I will not tell them they cannot do that. I will not tell you that you cannot be a sissy boy either. I will be the best sissy trainer for you. I am loving, nurturing, patient and a bad ass bitch when I need to be. Let’s make you a perfect sissy for Halloween.

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