Sissy panties are what father son sissy hoes wear

I love when I meet a father son sissy pair. “Daddy has been dressing you, hasn’t he?” I say while looking at every inch of you. “Look at your pretty Sissy panties”. “You will be getting used to horny bitches in heat”. First kiss my feet with your sissy mouths. Worship me like the goddess I am. After you both are on your knees kissing and sucking at my toes, I signal for my bbc friends to come in. once they see your sissy asses wiggling in the air, they get hard in attention.

Sissy panties

There is nothing better than sissy holes to milk bbc. “Spread your legs open and do what I have trained you to do” I say as I continue to stuff your mouth with my feet. Watching the training I have given you in action has made me so happy and turned my cunt on. With every pump my pussy gets wetter. I grab your sissy daddies head and make her lick my cunt while she is milking a bbc.

“You sissy sluts are making me very proud”. You can tell you have the Best sissy trainer as your master goddess. “Eat me until I feed you my juices” I moan. Finally, it happened my pussy started squirting into your sissy daddy’s mouth. As I feed your daddy, you moan out to get filled up by some hot thick semen. For the rest of the night, I show off the training I have given you sissy sluts and you didn’t disappoint. 

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