Sissy Panties Are My Favorite Part Of Being a Sissy Mistress!

 sissy panties

I hope you know that you are a little pretty sissy panties wearing fru-fru faggot. I know that it is something that girls like me absolutely know as soon as we speak to you. It is like a sense that superior women have whenever they are around a little loser beta male. It drives me wild whenever a beta bitch is wearing the wrong type of underwear. Sissy’s only deserve to be caged up and their little pathetic wieners stuffed into panties. All kinds of panties are available for sissy bitches to choose from too. Briefs will make a sissy idiot feel as though they are just like Mommy, however, they are far from that sort of achievement. Some sissy’s like texture, silk, cotton or lace. However, my favorite panties to place a loose sissy in are thongs. The way the silk string runs up against their back pussy hole really brings them to the realization that they crave for their hole to be touched and stuffed. Craving to be pegged just the way a panty-wearing sissy needs to be plugged. 


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