Forced sissy training My Boyfriend

forced sissy training

Forced sissy training for my first boyfriend was a taste of emasculating and humiliating. I’ve always been a dominant bitch even as a teen. My daddy was a submissive cuckold and my mother ruled the house and got anything that she wanted. And I guess it’s possible that subconsciously I went after I beta male. I didn’t realize at the time that all of his gushing and worshiping of me meant that deep down inside he was a bitch. Oh how my mother tries to warn me about men like him but I just can’t stop. I love doing anything I want and what I want and that includes fucking. So after about 3 months I realized that this motherfucker wasn’t pushing me for sex like any of my other guy friends. No one can understand how Zoey got tied down to one man. I love thinking back about all the times I snuck into a locker rooms and fucked a couple of football players here and there behind his back. I was caught but I confronted my boyfriend and ask him why he hadn’t tried to have sex with me. With tears in his eyes he pulled out his little cock and said this is why! Oh how I fucking laughed at him. It was so hard to believe that his dick never grew from when he was a tyke! My stomach hurt and tears were running out of my eyes as I couldn’t stop laughing. And when I brought the subject up to my mother she told me that I needed to enforce some sissy Maid training. I had the perfect little bitch to do anything I needed him to do My homework, My chores and eventually helping me keep cocks hard to fuck me! 

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