Sissy Panties

sissy panties

I have so much fun with my little sissy girls when we play. I love training new bitches to be the perfect little cum whores for me. Dressing them up in their pretty, frilly dresses and little pink sissy panties is my favorite part of playing with them. I love to watch them rub those tiny whore clitties until those silky panties are soaked. One of my favorite things to do is make them wear stockings and tell them how pretty they look. I’m not your average girl. I get so turned on by making you into the true sissy we both know you are! I will dress you up and then feed you cocks one by one until you’re packed full of cum. I might just let my friends come by and fuck your tight little whore hole until you’re a cum soaked mess. Come be my newest play thing and let me make you into the ultimate sissy whore. I promise I will make you into my pretty little pet and take good care of you!

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