Genesis’s Sissy humiliation training

Sissy humiliation trainingI love slapping a nice fat sign on my house reading “Genesis’s Sissy humiliation training” so every time people pass by my house they know that the car they saw outside was definitely the big shot lawyer that has a wife. They will gossip and whisper. Does she know about this? They will ask, over and over how she can be with a sissy whore like that. Everyone is humiliated for her, the woman with a husband that had so much potential is actually turned on by being humiliated and dressing up like a girl! Oh, but you don’t hear these things at all. You’re clueless that the whole town knows what you really are! You’re too busy flaunting your whore ass to be fucked. I’ve got you almost in tears with my aggressive mouth and extreme humiliation. The ultimate pleasure comes when I fuck your tight sissy shit hole. I dominate it and make it stretch around my boy strap on. like it or not.

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