Sissy maid training with me will set you right

Your new Sissy maid training has taught you that now you have to clean up any mess I have. “Clean my boots bitch, I have company coming over” I demanded of my sissy. Right away you crawl to my boots and start liking them clean. “Good job bitch” I say as I get ready. My boots end up shining just like I like. Therefore, I decided to reward you. “Open your mouth slut” I say as my friend relaxes and sits down. His big black cock needs to be fluffed.

“Suck his cock and get it hard”. You are my bitch and will do whatever I want. That is why right away you suck his dick, making sure you get it throbbing for your mistress. “Tonight, I will be riding his big cock to show you how you need to milk a dick” I tell my sissy as i take my panties off and put it in her mouth. You watch me ride his big black cock like a horny slutty bitch. Just like you will be doing. It is part of your sissy duties.

Sissy maid training

It doesn’t take much for me to orgasm hard all over his cock. Then I get up and say, “it is your turn hoe”. After I say that, you stand up and take your Sissy panties off. Like a nasty bitch who has been trained right, you slide your sissy pussy right on that big black cock. As you fuck his cock i pinch your sissy nipples. It ensures that your pussy tightens up around his cock to milk him better. Finally, when you get filled up with all his gooey sperm, i say “now time to clean up slut”. Therefore, you right away start cleaning his cock off, knowing my pussy is next.

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