Sissy maid training will make your tongue sore!

Sissy maid training

Sissy maid training will make your tongue sore! Hey sluts, it’s your favorite sissy dominatrix Emerson here, ready to take you on a wild ride of sissification and pure domination. I know you want nothing more than to worship me and serve at my feet, begging for my attention and following my every command. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to worship this body? My curves could bring even the toughest of men to their knees, and you know you’re just a weak, pathetic sissy who can’t resist my charms.

But don’t worry, my little sissy, I’m here to help you embrace your true self and become the perfect sissy whore that you were always meant to be. And what better way to start your sissy journey than with some maid training? Oh, I can just imagine you in a cute little maid outfit, cleaning up after me and my guests, all while wearing a plug in your tight little sissy hole.

As you are fulfilling your maid duties, you will also be serving as my personal cum cleaner. That’s right, I take so much cock on a daily basis that I need a dedicated sissy like you to clean out my cum-filled holes. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to keep you busy with gallons of cum to clean out, making sure your tongue is sore and your panties are drenched in slime.

But being my sissy maid isn’t just about cleaning up after me, it’s also about pleasing me in any way I desire. And trust me, I desire a lot. I’ll make you choke on BBC after BBC, making your jaw ache and your slutty mouth watering for more. And who knows, if you’re lucky, you may even get to experience the feeling of a real cock deep inside your tight little bussy.

So come on, my little sissy, I know you want to serve and please me. Give in to your desires and give me a call for some hot Sissy phone fun. I promise to push your limits and make you embrace your true sissy self. And remember, there’s no turning back once you enter my world of sissy domination. Are you ready to serve and obey, my sissy pets? Let’s begin our journey together.


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