Sissy Humiliation Training With Sissy Panties And BBC

Sissy humiliation training

Giving Sissy girl training to a good fem slut is what I love doing. Watching you transform right in front of me turns me on. I make you take your suit and tie off and give you the perfect pair of sissy panties. You put them on and right away your body reacts to the fabric on your little clitty. Tonight, I was going to take you for a sissy pup walk. Your collar and leash are both pussy pink. When I walk you around in your sissy panties and everyone sees you, your clity leaks down your legs. We pass by a few bulls and start calling you a sissy whore who belongs bent over the couch humiliating you as we walk. What they don’t know is you have had so much Sissy humiliation training, that you are begging me to let you cum by the time we got back from our walk. I bend you over my lap and i spank your ass calling you a dumb sissy whore who just wants to be fucked by big black cock. That only makes you squirm in excitement. Then I bring my BBC friend over and shove his cock in your mouth. While I paddle your ass you suck his cock and you do not stop until you swallow every drop of semen.  That is why I am known as the Best sissy trainer.

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