Naughty Sissy


Mistress Phone sex Sky

Late nights call for sissy fuck sessions! There’s something about the full moon passing that has me feeling all horny as fuck! My pussy just craves you wearing my sexy panties so that cock can look juicier than ever. Having you pull up those thigh highs I picked out and curling your hair so that I can tug it back and make you suck off my male escorts. I love watching a sissy bitch like you take multiple cocks and prep them for my pleasures hehehe. Oh my little bitch I am going to doll you up and have you whored out to everyone I desire so they can see what a good sissy you have been. I need that ass bent over and smacked while you eat my cunt. I will fucking ride your face while I suck both these cocks getting them ready to fuck us together honey. I want to watch both of them stretch you out, then all three of you fuck me until I squirt. Oh baby I’m going to need you to slurp all of our juices up nice and clean!

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