Sissy Humiliation Training By Zoey

sissy humiliation training

Are you exhausted? You are worthless as a man but through sissy humiliation training you will realize that you are nothing but a butt slut sissy girl.  Once again are you exhausted on pretending to be something you are not? Now have you replaced every single pair of you underwear with pretty panties? It makes my slit so wet just thinking of you in those silky sissy undies. I know you feel like such a sissy femboy already. Now is the time that I put you under my spell and promise you the world if only you were to complete your ensemble with some stockings now. Its time to throw out all your manly stinky sock and only wear hose or tights. Under complete hypnosis at your young mistress’s voice you agree to by only pretty panties and hose and wear them every day you sissy pervert.  And the only porn I want you watching is BBC porn do you understand. I will mold you and force you into the sissy slave you are meant to be.

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