Sissy girl training with Miss Remi

sissy girl training

I went shopping today and got so many pairs of sexy, new panties. I can’t wait to see how hot my sissy sluts look in them! Every sissy girl training slut has to be dressed like a whore in my class. All you little bitches put your pretty, new panties on and bend over! I’m going to put on my strap-on and teach you all a lesson on getting your slutty hole fucked. Don’t whimper and whine 

at all. If I see your cock sucker open, I’m going to fuck it too! My little sissy bitches will look so worn out when I’m finished pounding their pussy holes. I’m not going to stop until their mascara and lipstick is smeared and running down their faces. If these little bitches pass that lesson, we move on to our next class, deepthroating 101! I don’t train half assed whores. If you want to be one of my elite sluts, you will master every lesson I present to you and you always beg for more cum! Hurry ladies! Class is starting! 

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