They Were Fiends For His Cummies

mistress phone sexIt was fun day at my house today. That meant that my favorite sissy and my sorry ass husband would get to enjoy the show. I made sure they were dressed the part. Pretty nylon panties, glittery lip gloss and thigh high stripper boots. I do like them to look a little trashy. As I zipped up their boots those little clitties were dancing in their panties, making little droplet messes. I just reached over and squeezed their little clitties between my fingers until they were wreathing in pain, with glassy almost tearful eyes. The doorbell rang and I sent them to bring me my afternoon snack. They basically skipped like the little faggots they are and held his hand and brought him to me. I laughed and told them to get to work. They undressed him and as he stood, they got on their knees. Their glittery mouths were sucking his cock and licking his balls like fiends. When I saw the precum I demanded they stop and get on their knees. I put my snack on the couch and climbed on and rode him. I kept looking back at my sissies as their hands were down their panties rubbing their little worms furiously. I took his load deep inside me and brought them over to make him hard again. Then they guided his massive cock inside my beautiful tight asshole. It was a fun evening, and they ate lots of cummies. Want to be my little sissy faggot too?

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