Sissy dogbitch must clean up cummy messes

When you are a white sissy bitch you need a BBC sissy trainer to fuck your tight hole. Something about a big hard cock gets you going, and you need it to put you in your place. “Get down on your knees like a dogbitch and clean my cum filled cunt” I say as I pull on your leash. As a sissy bitch your job is to clean any mess, I tell you to clean including the ones in my holes.

Therefore, you start lapping away at my cunt and scooping any cum dripping from my fucked hole. “Youlike the taste l, don’t you?” “I bet you can taste the big black cock that was deep in my pussy?” I ask. As you clean me up my favorite bbc bull walks in ready to get milked. This time you will be milking him with your white sissy cunt. First, he rips your Sissy panties off.

BBC sissy trainer

Then he spanks your white ass a couple of times to give it some color. After it is nice and red, he lubes your sissy pussy up. “Fuck his sissy cunt until your balls are drained” I say with a smirk in my face. “Show this whore what her place in the world is” I say encouraging him to do. Therefore, he slams his big black hard cock inside you.with all his force he had he shoved your face deeper into my cunt.

“That’s right whore you are just a cum dumpster to be used”. “Your sissy pussy will be used by bbc bulls until you become the best restoration whore out there” I say while I hold you in place to get fucked. “You should feel lucky we use you” I smile and say while I cum in your mouth. 

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