Semen Servings For Sissies


There are a few tenets of sissy slave training that absolutely have to be present if you plan on successfully turning a tender femboy into a full on sissified sex slave.  I won’t give away all of my secrets, I’m not a fucking idiot.  I will tell you one of the best ways to get a girly guy to submit to your will, though.  You absolutely have to make your slutty slave girly guys gulp down gallons of their own jizz to make sure they’ve completely given into you.

Every single load you let your clitty clowns fire off that no one had dibs on needs to go right back inside of them.  Hell, even the gobs of chunky cock goo they take in their gaping backdoor fagholes should make it into their pathetic he-whore mouths, so I hold a teacup up to their raunchy reamed out rosebuds and let them push and drip every drop of shitty dong sauce out so they have some strange cum to enjoy at tea time.


Sissy slave training


The jizz they get from other guys is a given, though.  Every real slut craves it!  If you want your girlyguy slaves to show they will do whatever you want them to do, serve them a saucer full of their own sperm soup or give them a shot of warm semen ceviche soi-meme.  Cocktails full of their own clittycock spunk mixer are a really easy way to get them loosened up and full of their own ball batter.

Whatever you do, if you ever hope of becoming the best sissy trainer ever, you should start making your butt sluts slurp down their own cock snot.  It just makes good sense.  Besides, do you want to have to clean it all up?  


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