Phone Domination and Real-Time Domination

phone domination

I love phone domination. Telling small dick losers what to do and putting them in their place is what I do best. There is nothing I loathe more than a small dick loser who does not know his place. If you have a three-inch dick, you have no business hitting on a sexy bitch like me. I am way out of the league of men with dicks smaller than 6-inches. I met this guy through friends. He seemed nice. He was handsome, gainfully employed and had a nice house that was paid off. He was not very tall, but I have met short men with big dicks. I took a gamble because everything else checked off a box of my criteria. I was disappointed when we got naked last night, and he had a limp noodle. Three-inches tops was my guess when he was hard. He turned into a different man in the bedroom. He started ordering me to suck his cock. He got rude and said I was the reason he was not fully erect. No way was that going to fly with me. I am dominant woman. I am a cock size queen. I am the best sissy trainer. I told him to lay down on the bed and I would start with a sexy massage. I put on my strap on dildo, and I gave him a surprise he will not soon forget. I mean you cannot expect me to bow down and worship a tiny dick. You should not expect any woman to do that. As I massaged his shoulders, I slipped my dildo in his ass. He let out a huge scream and tried to wrestle me off his back. After a few thrusts, however, he came and was moaning to give him more. I wanted to punish him for being a dickless dick, but unfortunately, I rewarded the SOB with a free prostate massage. I kicked him out of my house. He kept texting me he was sorry, and he wanted more, but disrespectful losers with small dicks, never get more of me.

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    • terrence on March 19, 2021 at 2:10 pm
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    make me a sissy please!

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