Did You Miss Me?

Mistress Phone Sex FrancisDid you behave while we did some maintenance here at the hut? I hope you did. Did you wear your sissy panties like Mistress Francis told you to? How about that cock cage? And please do not tell me you played with your little clitty without asking. I would hate to have to punish you, but of course we know that you really like that, anyways do not you. I see you hanging your head because you were naughty. So here is what you are going to do. I want you to paddle your little sissy ass 10 times for being a bad little girl. I see from that little bump in your panties that turned you on did not it. Hmmmm…… Normally I would paddle that little clitty but because I have been gone and you have been lost and confused on what to do, I am going to let you have a little treat. Here, a big fat black dildo. Let us stick it on the wall, shall we? There you go my little sissy. Pull down those little sissy panties and back your little man pussy up to it and fuck it really hard. I do not want you to stop until your knees start shaking. There you go, now you look like the sissy slut I remember. Keep fucking it and call me so I can hear your little sissy moans as your clitty explodes from excitement.

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