Rachel Needed a BBC Sissy Trainer

BBC sissy trainerRachel sought me out because I am a BBC sissy trainer. Rachel is one of my prize pupils. She is like a show pony in the word of sissies. Just a few months ago, Rachel was living as a man. He had a hot fiancée. He was racist. He took life and love for granted. Karma bit Rachel in her cute little bubble butt. You ever hear the saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” Rachel knows this all too well. Once upon a time before Rachel was a sissy faggot, she was a man with a dirty fantasy. He wanted to see his hot fiancée fucked by a black man. Not just fucked either. When Rachel was pretending to be a man, she wanted her fiancée ravaged by big black cocks. I am not talking about just a big dick in her holes. She wanted her ass prolapsed. She wanted her choked. She wanted her covered in cum. This thing called Karma flipped the tables on Rachel. That pretty little fiancée that was out of Rachel’s league to begin with is now black owned and bred. She moved out of the house and only contacts her former fiancée when she needs her bills paid. Rachel first contacted me to talk about what had happened. She had some regret over what had transpired. I am not sure if she wanted symphony or a phone dominatrix, but she got the later. Now Rachel is a black cock faggot like no other and I could not be prouder. Every night she is on Grinder getting black men to fuck her sissy ass. Big black cocks anally torture Rachel daily. I have a lot of black cock sissies, but Rachel sold her car to save for boobs. Now, that is dedication to big black dick. She dresses fem daily, even to work. Sissy Rachel is not in the closet. She has embraced Karma. Remember men, Karma is a bitch and so am I.

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