Quarantined Sissy Assignment

Online sissy trainingJust cause there is a pandemic doesn’t mean you girlies can’t make the best of it. If you’re stuck at home wondering what on Earth can you do to continue those Feminization goals well I have just the thing. This is the perfect time to live like your best self. Yes, you may be sitting at home in your frilly outfits and panties, that’s not enough. Let’s face reality you are more than likely going to be home for weeks so wouldn’t that make now the perfect time to go hairless. Let’s get you that soft smooth body just like mine! I’m talking legs, arms, pussy area all of it, needs to go! After all, no one wants to fuck a hairy slut, so seize to the opportunity to go smooth and more importantly please your Mistress. After all, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

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