Prepare Me Sissy

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Oh, my is it that time again? Time for you to help me wax my perfect pussy and tight ass? You know what spring does to me don’t you sissy? It makes me horny as fuck. I am like a soft little kitty cat letting off my scent for all the boys to come. But you know you will never be one of those men, don’t you? You know why too don’t you? That’s right, your teeny tiny little wormy couldn’t satisfy the hunger my pussy needs. Your little cock couldn’t satisfy anybody at all. That is why today you will make my lady bits perfectly fuckable. I want them waxed, exfoliated and oiled. But before you start you must get in the little outfit; I have laid out for you. A pretty pair of pink cotton panties and a matching cami. I know it is a G-string, but I do like looking at your cute little hiney and don’t worry your tiny balls and micro penis will fit perfectly in it as well. Now get to it you pathetic excuse for a male. Make me ready for all those big, long thick cocks that I will be riding tonight.

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    • charlie on March 25, 2021 at 3:19 pm
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    please be my sissy mistress

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