Phone domination with sensual bossy Francine.

          Phone domination with sensual bossy Francine. When you enter my domain your head is to be bowed. Eyes on my feet. They may not travel up my length in the least. Only those who obey may feast on my long legs, up to me bald soft pussy. Knowing you can bounce a quarter off me ass.

          On your knees before me. I am your mistress and you will abide by me. You will wear the pretty pink thong panties. I don’t care if you like the full panties. You will wear what I put you in.

          Now, I need you to think about sticking your tongue between my ass cheeks. Down to my pussy. You don’t get to lick it though. No, you haven’t earned that right.

          In the long run you will do as I say when I say and recognize me as you mistress and I alone will be your phone dominatrix.Phone domination

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