Phone Domination Sissification for BBC

Seeking a little naughty fun there, and in the closet? Maybe you need some coaxing and coaching. With Phone Domination we can explore the secrets. As a BBC sissy trainer I invite you to call. Those filthy cock sucking and dressing in panties type secrets can be explored.

It’s a regular thing I get into with men I date. If they are not living up to my expectations in manliness, then they have a few choices to be with me. Let’s discuss what it means to be too sensitive and feminine. For me it’s simple, make you a girly boy and train you.

Phone Domination

Training you to enjoy those silky under garments and enjoy just squirting in those panties. Meanwhile I will fuck some manly, muscular and big dicked men. These men will often be black men. Hung black men with BBC. The privilege is yours to kneel beneath me while wearing pretty lingerie and lipstick.

Isn’t the up front view what makes your dick twitch? To see that manly cock and musky balls work into my pussy. The glistening of my cunt juices all over that BBC. Oh come on. Be a good little sissy slut cock sucker for your BBC sissy trainer. It’s ok just put your lips to the tip and suck my cunt juices off of that big bull dick like a good sissy.

BBC Sissy Trainer

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