Femboy Training needs lots of Pink

femboy trainingFemboy training is all about that pink! From ruffled pink sissy dresses to pink cock cages and Botty holes, PINK is the universal sissy color! There should never be too much pink in your life! Some of my favorite little whores have pink hair and I’m down for it! My Rode-OH harness panties are pink and My strap has a beautiful pink swirl in the black silicone! My mechanic is a sissy who loves pink and getting her pink puckered ass  fucked!  and I pay for car repairs with my snap-on strap-on! I love when mommy Zoey needs an oil change and ends up changing her Car monkey’s oil at the same time! Nothing like going out to the gay bars and seeing my Favorite blue-collar bear strutting his shit in all pink as she sings Madonna, knowing that butt plug and cock cage are still held in tight under my command. My momma always said to have a sissy in every corner and I think she just might be right! What part of my life can you help me with while I keep you as my pink femboy!

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