Phone Domination: A Slut’s Training

Mistress phone sex

As your mistress, I’ve got something extra dirty and horny planned for you tonight. Look at you, my little slut, all eager and wet. Let’s just say you’re about to become my latest plaything. But this time, I’ve got a special treat–a brand new bull-stud to break you in and turn you into my personal cum dumpster.

I’m gonna dress you up like the little bitch you are. Think frilly lace and silky stocking. Oh, and some crotchless panties too, ’cause we both know how much you love showing off your little pink slut bubble. While you’re at it, practice your gag reflexes ’cause you’ll be putting those to good use soon.

I’ll prime your slut hole with a thick plug while you slip into some sexy lingerie. And don’t forget the lipstick, gotta make those lips pretty for the main event.

Now, here’s the fun part. I’ll lead you by your leash to two BBC studs longing to tear your body apart. But first, you’re gonna earn your keep and suck them off. That’s right, get on your knees and show me what a little fluffer you are. While you’re sucking, I’ll be right there, soaking wet, watching those huge cocks piston in and out of my cunt.

And when those studs are good and hard, I’ll present you like the whore you are, bend you over, and let them loose on your tight little hole. They’ll pound you senseless, making you squeal like the bitch in heat you were born to be. And when they’re done stretching your pussy, they’ll prolapse that little cum star of yours.

You’re gonna love it, my nasty little slut. Now bend over and prepare for the ride of your life. Your mistress is in charge, and tonight, you’re gonna learn why I’m the phone sex trainer extraordinaire!

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