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The fucker didn’t believe me until I came home with 3 tall handsome black men. He was beet red and looked like he was shocked! I don’t know what shocked him because he should have known after all these years that I am a woman of my word.

I stripped down naked and told my loser boyfriend to sit back on the lazy boy and watch how real men please a woman! I milked those huge black dicks and had my boyfriend encourage and chant us on.. He was so impressed by how loud those big black dicks had me moaning.

I was getting dogged out by a group of black men and degraded.. That loser was so impressed by their performance he begged me to allow him to suck all of their cum out of my pussy. I had him detail my inner walls and scrap all the cum up he could gather!

Now that he has finally accepted what it takes to please a woman.. Looks like we will be having a lot more fun around here!

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