Online Training Session Starts NOW Bitch!

Femboy training This is the start of your sissy cuck boy training you little femboy wanna be bitch. Do you have what it takes to learn your place as an inferior object for your mistress and all of her needs? I would think twice because I am not a nice mistress by any means. I am forceful, mean and I enjoy watching my bitches struggle for me. If you do a good job at all the things I request I may just let you get a reward by licking my cunt clean after I take a few loads. Maybe I will even grant you the opportunity to be my urinal too. How does that sound bitch boy? On your knees with your mouth wide open waiting for my hot stream of piss directly in your whore throat hole. 

Shall we begin then? First thing is you need to lock away your pathetic cock or simply do NOT touch it unless I say so. Next you need to find a vibe, dildo, plug, etc and start to rub it around your puckering little ass hole. Oh yes, I will train you to take objects or cock in your ass if you disobey. You will be trained to play with your pathetic little shit hole while you are forced to watch me take cock and cum. Now I need you to work up the courage to pick up your phone and call my extension so I can make you whimper. Are you ready to be put in your place? Dial me if you are truly ready to stoop so low in your new life style that you won’t even remember your fucking name. 

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