Online sissy training with your Princess

Online sissy trainingI look at myself and completely understand why all these horny sissy boys go stupid crazy for me when they go through their online sissy training with me. They love it when I call them bitches while not giving a single fuck about their feelings whatsoever. It gets me off to make dozens upon dozens of sissies fall in love with me by simply existing and being my dominant self. Resisting me doesn’t work, we both know where you’re going to end up! Your manhood is slipping away from you one stroke at a time. I need to peg you and teach you a lesson which is dangerous because I could essentially fuck you for as long as I possibly wanted. Your embarrassment is going to be my complete joy & cause me to orgasm hard. We all know that you are an incredibly weak boy that needs to be led by a Goddess like me. You are just another sissy bitch boy to me which is funny because you love me more than anything & anyone! Show me your lack of self control & morals, I wanna see what kind of sissy you truly are! Once a beta, always a beta & it’s time for you to embrace your loser life with your Princess Arabella. XOXO

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