Best Sissy Trainer Coraline

best sissy trainerI am a sissy trainer. The best sissy trainer. I love being one too. I can look at you and see your true essence. I have this neighborhood boy who thinks he has a girlfriend. He thinks he is masculine and just like other boys. He needed some sissy therapy. He needed me. I had him come over for a friendly talk. I planned on feminizing him, but I needed him to first acknowledge that he is not like the other boys at school. First, I had to explain to him that him and his girlfriend weren’t dating. I was 100% sure she thinks of him as a gay best friend or something, but not a lover. Their “dates” include shopping at the mall and getting a drink at Starbucks. He is always home by like 7 or 8pm from a “date.” And, the kicker, they have not even French kissed let alone fuck. I had him strip down naked so I could see his cock. He didn’t have one, which was no surprise to me. He had a clit stick. I put him in some panties while I gave him some sissy hypno training. I mixed images to show him that what is hanging between his legs was nothing like what was dangling between the legs of the high school jocks in the locker room. I also got him to realize that his schoolgirl friend is fucking other men and that he is permanently in the friend zone. It can be a tough wake up call, but not all boys are created equal. Some have small dicks. Some have feminine bodies. Some are never liked sexually by girls. Some are meant to get fucked not fuck. My neighbor boy is one of those boys. We have a lot more sissy training to do, but I got him to the first step which is realizing he will never be the romantic lead in any girl’s life.

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