Online sissy training never gets better than traps and punishment!

Online sissy trainingOnline sissy training with men like these is fun, but what’s more fun is when I’m done and they get their graduation present. I don’t always do it the same, sometimes I’ll keep them on as maids, or sluts, or cock gobbling heroes. This time I’d trained them especially in how to eat begging cunt and make a mistress like me writhe and lose a little bit of herself in the moment. Only the best sissy get trained like that, because it makes a host vulnerable to orgasm too hard, so they need to be obedient enough to know not to take advantage when I’m on the floor, sweating and panting, legs spread and my – oh who am I kidding, I want that so badly! I graduated these ones a little too early, set them up for a great trial, practically knocking me – their phone dominatrix – out with their swift and powerful tongues, and then when I was vulnerable I puffed up my pouty lips and spread my cunt lips a little with my fingers to tease them. “A good pet wouldn’t even be tempted.” I said, knowing I’d very quickly have a cock in me and I was pleased to know these predictable sissies can’t resist. I’d be punishing him endlessly for this, he’d be in remedial classes and getting the hard whippings for a good long time for the pounding he was giving me, but that’s half the point isn’t it? True power is picking a guy who wants you to destroy him, and doing just that. Making things seem fair when you’d planned their downfall right from the start. Is it entrapment if you’re just a sissy training master picking someone to torment and get a nice helping of cum in your cunt at the same time? Legally, not sure, but it sure feels like it. The knowledge I set him up to fail and now get to punish him made me cum long before his cock did, but I definitely lost myself on his dick so it was worth it in two ways!


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    Heaven is heaven for a sissy boy Like me

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