I give an indecisive sissy hoe Sissy slave training

When I meet an indecisive femboy, I like to give him some forced Sissy slave training. If you don’t come to me ready, when I decide to finally let you come over I will force you on your knees like a dog bitch. You will get slapped in the face with my dildo for taking too long to come to me. Then I will force your mouth open and push my dildo down your throat. I don’t care if you choke now you will remember to never keep me waiting. But you like being used and that makes your clitty hard. That always makes me laugh and my giggles as I put my strap-on on got your ass wiggling in the air. I move your Sissy panties to the side before i start fucking you hard. As i fuck you i tell you to ask for me to forgive you for having me wait. The harder i fuck you the more you ask for forgiveness. You then beg me to let your clitty cum. I only let your clitty cum once you hand your wallet to me. A sissy bitch like you should only use a purse. You now know to not leave me waiting

Sissy slave training

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