Online Sissy Training Makes You the Pretty Girl You Were Born To Be

online sissy trainingDo you need online sissy training? No shame in admitting you do. You are not alone. Not at all. I found a new sissy on accident this week. My daughter had a male school friend over. She is a freshman in college and has this study buddy who sometimes comes over. He is a cute boy, but effeminate.  You can tell he is likely bisexual or gay. I do not judge. I have noticed his very pretty features though and thought what a beautiful girl he would make. I was supposed to be out of the house the last time he was over. I had a sissy client I was training at his house. His wife came home unexpectedly, and I had to duck out the back door as not to bust him. Sissy training is a man’s dirty secret from his wife. Charlie was in my bedroom when I came home dressed head to toe in my lingerie. He was so embarrassed, but I assured him it was fine. I kind thought he was a natural femboy. I asked him if my daughter had offered up any help. She is a sissy trainer too. He admitted she had no clue he was sneaking away to play in my pretty things.  He should have told her because he could have had two sexy sissy trainers helping soon than now. My daughter’s friend wants to be girl, just like my boys. My daughter and I are very close, and we think alike when it comes to sissies. I love dressing boys up as girls with her. She is great with hair and makeup, and I am good with style. We turned Charlie into Charlene. The next thing to do was get Charlene some cock because when you get femboy training with me, you learn to suck cock like a pro too. We will continue to work with Charlene and make her the best sissy she can be. Ready for your turn?

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