Online Sissy Training in the Modern World

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training means you have no excuse to put off what you have long wanted to try. I understand not every sissy can be a sissy in real-time. But you can be a closeted sissy or a fantasy sissy with me. I understand that wives do not always support your desire to wear panties or suck cock. Maybe you are a leader of your community, or you have an influential job where people would not do business with you if they knew you enjoyed getting your sissy holes filled with cock. There is a stigma associated with being a sissy. I get it. I can help with discreet sissy training. I have been working with sissies and submissive slaves for almost 20 years. I am a sensual trainer who will work within your confines. I have several sissies who are sissies in spirit only. Our time together is spent pretending. But it is not all pretend. I do make sissies suck on dildos and bounce their little girly asses up and down on suction cup dildos. I do shame sissies too. I will always encourage sissies to get the real thing. Modern technology is designed to be discreet. You can hook up with men on the down-low on Grinder. You can order sex toys, and sissy clothes online. That is not something sissies could do 25 years ago. Sissies can join sissy rooms and forums on Reddit and follow each other on Twitter. Social media platforms can help sissies feel less isolated. Of course, modern technology allows you to have sissy phone sex discreetly from home, or work, or in your garage or car. There is no reason you cannot be a sissy these days and still be discreet. No one needs to know you want to wear sexy lingerie or suck cock. Trust me. I can keep your secret and help you explore your femboy side.


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    I want you to train me mommy

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