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online sissy training

With me you get online sissy training. My boys, however, get a live-in sissy trainer. They are teen boys now. They live their lives as trans girls. They identify as pan sexual because they like a little bit of everything, LOL. I love helping them explore their sexuality. Now that they are at an arts school, they get to be who they want to be. They can dress how they want too. Now, the school frowns on adult boyfriends. So does the law, LOL. But mommy? I am more liberal thinking. They like black cock. They may have gotten that from me. It is no secret that their mother is a size queen. I love big black dicks. And now so do my two sissy boys. I came home from a date last night. My boys expected me home much later. I planned on it too, but a huge storm was causing blackouts everywhere, so my plans changed. Plus, I wanted to check on my boys. The house was dark when I arrived, but I could see the glow of candlelight, so they knew what to do. They were not alone, however. I interrupted them sucking on big black cocks. Both my femboys were dressed pretty and on their knees sucking two black men close to my age. The men are lucky I am so liberal. Since I am a BBC sissy trainer on the phone, I helped my pretty boys. It is not easy to swallow a foot of cock, especially when the cock is thick too. They were doing a good job for their age and inexperience. I showed them some techniques. I did not want to upstage them, but those were some big black dicks. I had them swallow a teaspoon of olive oil and hang their heads over the side of the couch so their black lovers could stand over them and slide those BBCs down their throats. Just a couple tricks made all the difference. Soon those men were pumping big thick strands of cum down my femboys’ throats. It was a proud mamma moment. Maybe I can help you too.


    • Tad on May 30, 2022 at 10:34 am
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    I need a dozen BBCs in all my holes, mistress.

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