Online Sissy Training Helps You Perfect Your Sissy Outfit

online sissy trainingI enjoy online sissy training. Do you? For many sissies, it is the only option. Wives, families, work get in the way. And let’s not forget a sissy’s own mind. We can be our own worst enemies. Most sissies feel guilty. They think they should project more masculinity. Or they think they would disappoint their loved ones if it ever came out that they like to suck cock and wear pretty things.

Gender fluidity exists. In my day we called folks androgynous if they flipped clothing. I love helping men explore their naturally feminine sides. Although when I am speaking to someone on the phone versus meeting them in person, I can only virtually dress them. But some sissies will go shopping based on my suggestions. I have a good eye for clothes. And I enjoy femboy training where I can put you in an outfit that accentuates your natural features.

The Clothes Can Make the Sissy

Although, I think most women who work in lingerie stores like Victoria Secret, understand many men may be shopping for themselves and not a special woman in their lives. And they will not call you out. They will play your game. I try to encourage my sissies to trust in the women who work in lingerie stores. Even in the Bible belt, women working in lingerie stores are more enlightened than the Karens working at a Walmart.

I have a huge closet of all sorts of pretty things for men just like you. Dresses, both the frilly and slinky kind. All sorts of lingerie to make you feel girly.  A variety of shoes from stripper shoes to low pumps, and a slew of wigs too. You can find your perfect outfit down to your sissy panties in my closet. Even if you cannot dress every day, you can virtually dress with me. Or even take me shopping with you.

I love seeing what a sissy picks out to wear. And I enjoy helping her perfect her look. You have heard the expression that the clothes make the man? Well, the clothes make the sissy too. What do you like to wear?

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