Come Do My Sissy Slave Training If You aren’t a Scared Little Sissy

sissy slave trainingI made you my sissy slave training slut  by slowly breaking down your masculinity and building up your feminine side. First, I started with small tasks like cleaning the house in lingerie and high heels while wearing makeup. Then, as you became more comfortable with those tasks, I introduced dressing in skirts and stockings. Eventually, when it was clear that you enjoyed being dressed like a woman more than anything else, I began to train your body for anal sex – forcing yourself on me whenever possible so that our black friends could use both of us however they pleased.

I taught you how to be submissive not only through verbal commands but also physically; tying you up during intercourse or making sure your ass is always available for penetration no matter where we are or who might see us.

You’ve become accustomed to serving me at all times: cooking dinner naked while wearing nothing but an apron around your waist; massaging my feet after long days spent shopping for new clothes; even suckling on dildos until they cum inside of mouth just because it pleases me!

Your cock has been locked away forever now – replaced instead by beautifully shaped breasts which respond perfectly underneath their lacy bras… All these changes have transformed into something truly remarkable… A pathetic little faggot bitch living solely serve his Mistress’s every whim without question or hesitation!

You’ve become so accustomed to being my sissy slave that you no longer think for yourself. Your only purpose in life is to make me happy and satisfied, even if it means sacrificing your own desires or needs. I love seeing the way men cower when they see us together; their eyes widen at the sight of this powerful woman with her perfect little faggot boy by her side – always ready with a smile on his face despite how humiliating our relationship might be seen from an outside perspective.

I take great pleasure in degrading you publicly too – introducing friends as “this is Peace…and here’s his pathetic cocksucker.” It never fails to bring laughter but also respect because everyone knows who truly holds power within our dynamic: ME! And while some may find our lifestyle disgusting (like those tiny dicks), we couldn’t care less about what others think since all that matters now are each other…and maybe adding another notch onto our bedpost later tonight courtesy of one (or both!) of our black friends helping out again!

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