Online sissy training, Francine loved to give orders online or phone.

          Online sissy training, Francine loves to train sissy online. First things we need to go over sissy is what kind of sissy you are going to be. This will be done initially over the phone. Then henceforth we will be able to do a complete online training.

          This trainer is even going to set up so that I may watch you and make sure you are following instructions to the letter. Whether or not we are simply chatting online or if we are on the phone with one another. I will be able to see that you are following instructions.

          Now, it could be as simple as have a big black dildo shoved into your sissy pussy. Wanting to see you in high heels. Let me see those sheer red lacy bra and panties. As long as I know you are following orders then we will continue with bigger and better training.

           For the most part I will do your training over the phone but there are times when you may need to be really quiet and then it would be best for me just chat with you online, seeing you would be so very helpful.

          In conclusion your training could take on a fun and interesting twist if you are ready to up your game on training. I know I am.Online sissy training

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