Online Sissy Training and Partying with Margo

online sissy trainingI have a favorite sissy who calls me for online sissy training. Her name is Margo and she is fabulous. Like many sissies, she leads a double life. She has a day job and her staff see her one way. At night, when everyone is asleep and she can sneak away, she transforms into Margo. She is a partier. I find that it is much easier to become the best sissy you can be when you are altered. Drugs and booze free the mind. And when you free the mind, the rest will follow as the song goes. Margo calls me when she can sneak away, and we work on her sissy skills. She is a very obedient sissy who loves to please her sissy mom. She likes to smoke cigarettes too. I find that sexy. Seeing a pretty sissy with a cigarette in her hand blowing smoke rings on the cocks she is sucking is wicked hot. Margo not only looks the part of a sissy, she acts the part too. She loves to dress. She loves to party, and she loves cocks, especially those big black cocks. I think that is why she first called me. Because I am a BBC sissy trainer. I enjoy feeding big black cocks to newbie sissies and seasoned sissies like Margo. I mean if you are going to suck cock, why not suck the best cocks, right? I love all my sissies, even the ones I only talk to once, but Margo is the sissy of all sissies.

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