not so forced sissy training on my new woman!

Best sissy trainer

“As a teenage boy, whose mother and older sister worked full-time, he had access to their clothes after school for several hours each day. During the summer? All day long. he dressed himself frequently. Head to toe. Panties, bra’s, stockings, pantyhose, full length body shaper, girdles, half-slips, full slips, blouses, mini-skirts, dresses, high heels and nightgowns. He even put on their makeup including polishing his nails. Did he cum when he was all dressed up? He tried not to but he did on several occasions. His most intense orgasms have always been when he is all dressed up. Didn’t they know? Of course they did. His sister caught him a few times and his mother absolutely knew. They ignored it. They pretended that it never happened. What did he truly deserve? Punishment to fit the crime. Because as powerful as his crossdressing desires are. His submissive desires are equally as powerful. (#1: You want to dress as a girl? Fine, you picked it. You made your choice.) But it will not be when you decide you are in the mood to dress this way. You will be required to dress in girls clothes quite often and will have no say in the matter. (#2: You want to cum dressed as a girl? Fine, you picked it. You made your choice.) But, you will only cum from now as a girl, A vibrator or dildo inside of you, with no touching of your cock. You are not going to just be dressed as a girl, you are going to get turned into a girl. You will have no say in the matter. Yes – he wants to look like a perfect girl just like his Master Brielle. What he cannot experience, without somebody else, is being under their strict control. This is what compelled him to contact me.”

He is the new sexy lady in town and I am his Master!!! 

Too be continued…..

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