Sissy Loves Humiliation

humiliation phone sex

I caught you playing with that tiny little wiener when you thought nobody was looking. Look how fucking pathetic that 2-inch cock is! Giggles. Frankly, looks like a pinky in your panties. You know mistress needs a big, long, veiny black cock to fill her up and that puny shit just won’t do! When I look at your phone, I see a photo of me. OMG. You were rubbing your clitty to my sex photos. You little dick loser! I slap your face and force you on your hands and knees like the sissy bitch that you are. I take my perfectly pedicured toes and pinch your sausage with my them as I squash those little grapes you’re smuggling in your panties. The more pressure I put on your little cock the more bitch cream oozes out of it. You can’t get enough of this humiliating phone sex, can you? You need a mistress to remind you of how much of a little sissy slut you are! Your little whimpers are music to my ears!

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