Help Mistress Suck BBC

bbc sissy trainer

I’m going to make you watch as I take these big black cocks in my mouth! You’ve been a naughty little bitch so you were going to dress up in your sissy panties and a sexy bra for mistress. You know our big dick daddies love a bitch that’s made up too so im gonna smear some purple lipstick on you too. Now, hold these big thick meat sticks while I lick all around the mushroom tip. Don’t you wish your dick was big and veiny so mistress can wrap her slutty lips around it? That little winky in your pants could never make my mouth this wide. You better not even think about touching that wimpy little sissy Clit while you watch mistress suck down these massive loads! you’re gonna beg for big daddy dick until we feel like you’ve earned it!

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