My Newest Bimbo Is Ready To Play

Sissy slave trainingFinally, my little slut is almost ready to join my collection of ultimate bimbos. Only my best mindless cock drones can be considered for this special elite group of sluts. It’s time for a little inspection. My bimbo whore took time getting into this tight red dress that nicely accents her ass and new tits beach ball size tits. I thought those would be wonderful for a cock craving bimbo to have another spot to shove cocks into. Mmm, very full red lips, perfect for shoveling cock into that cum hungry mouth. Let’s bend this whore over, nice red thong with the tiny package tucked away barely noticeable. Little pussy, a little tight and clean but certainly fuckable. Oh and nice and smooth, oh these legs are perfect. I know what my little whore wants more than anything though and that is cock. But not just any cock, big large cock that only the best whores can really handle. That is what will be little Bimbo Jess’s final test to see if she is ready to be the perfect fuck doll and accepted into the elite ranks of the best bimbo’s around. I picked out the biggest black cock I could find for this special occasion. Leading him into the room my hand grasping his thick 14-inch cock. So tempting to enjoy this big cock all for myself but I have self-control, unlike this Bimbo slut who from the moment she saw such a cock got on her knees and opened wide. A promising start. I watched as she masterfully licked and sucked that big black cock completely hard, then started taking it down her throat with little effort, working her hands down the rest of his shaft. Her focus is 100% on his cock. He finally decided he wanted more from this slut and pulled her up and bent her over. Ripping off the frilly red thong shoved his big back cock into her tight bimbo pussy. Making her scream loudly with pleasure as she pushed back up against it, determined and greedy to get that big black cock completely inside her. She didn’t stop until she felt his big black head swell up and explode his load of hot cum in her sissy pussy filling her up. Like a true whore, the first thing she asked for was for more.

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