More Sissy Training in 2020

sissy trainingSissy training is the best way to ring in the New Year. I think you need a sissy trainer for 2020. I can do wonders for you, just like I did my bimbo Bambi. Look at the items she bought all on her own with no prompting from her sissy trainer. Bambi decided to give herself a Christmas treat. She bought a pretty blonde wig because blondes do have more fun! She got some super cute socks that reminded me of the Victoria Secret Pink collection my teen daughter wears. In a pretty pink top, pretty pink plaid schoolgirl skirt, those pretty socks and some black heels, my best sissy Bambi was ready to make her trainer some money. I am the best sissy trainer. I help closeted sissies come out of the closet and be the best sissies. I also help give them real training. You can’t be the best sissy hiding in your bedroom just talking to me. Bambi went out and we had a blow bang party. She got to polish some big black knobs and I got to profit from her newfound joy of servicing my studs. That is what a good sissy does. She makes her sissy trainer proud and she makes her money. Bambi was a quick study. Her education will continue to blossom in 2020. Don’t stay in the closet sissies. Let me help you become the best sissy ever too.

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