Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainerYou simply cannot find the Best sissy trainer, right? Ah, silly little sissy. Look no further as I am here to save the day. And by that I mean I am here to take control. You’ve been dying to be a little sissy girl but none of your trainers have been dominant enough for you. Almost as if they are acting or pretending to be dominant, not like me something that comes naturally. No pretending or forcing it here. I have always been this way, and I know just how to start this training. I’ve got a really really really big strap on for you sissy, have you ever taken cock before? I am not asking because I care, I am actually distracting you as you are answering me I am shoving this cock as deep as I can into that little shit hole. Like a little bitch you will scream, cry and whine. Poor fucking sissy never had a cock this big before and this is only the beginning!

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