Mistress Tamika’s Sissy Training


Oh, you cute little twink. You’re mine now, and I, Mistress Tamika, am going to enjoy every minute of owning you.

I’ll start by stripping you of your false manhood. You’re a sissy bitch, and everyone can see it. No use denying it. I’ll dress you up in the sluttiest attire—crotchless panties and fishnets—turn you into the slut you’ve always wanted to be.

But here’s the thing, sissy. I want you to witness my dominance first-hand. Get on your knees and behold the power of a real woman. I’ll have some BBC bull over to show you what real manhood is. Watch me closely as I slurp and deepthroat this huge cock. See how it throbs and pulses right in front of your desperately horny eyes.

Your little clitty will be so hard, poking out of those panties. You’re a cock-loving faggot, and you know it. Time to embrace it—on your knees, where you belong.

I’ll teach you how to service a real man’s cock. Wrap those girly hands around it and stroke it towards your yearning mouth. Feel the head burst into your throat as you suck and lick it. Can you taste that manly cream? Good.

Now, open that throat of yours and take it all. I’ll push your head down till that BBC is down your neck, and you have no choice but to swallow every single drop of that delicious cum.

When that BBC bull leaves, you’ll still be craving more. Such a little whore. But Mistress Tamika will take good care of you. I’ll pimp out your sissy pussy and make sure that belly of yours is full of jizz.

Kneel, sissy, and worship the superior female dominance.

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