Mistress Makes Sissy Fuck Her Own Brother

Phone dominatrix


Who better to pimp you out to than your own brother? He dominated you even when you both were younger, him being the more manly of you two. I bet you two have had a few wrestling matches that gave you a hard clit. You won’t be wrestling this time, you’ll be taking your brother’s long hard cock in your cunt. Suck your brother’s superior cock first. Take his cock into the back of your throat so your brother can know how good of a cock sucker you are. Then, get on the bed and spread your legs. You’ll want to watch your brother’s wet cock slowly slide inside your cunt and then start pounding you. Keep telling him how amazing it is to be fucked by him, how you’ve always wanted to be fucked like this by him. Tell him how you used to watch him jerk off in his room and play with your clit, wishing you could get on top and ride him. You’ve always wanted to be your brother’s bitch. 

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