Forced sissy training for Submissive Sub

Forced sissy training

Most subs crave Forced sissy training, but few can handle it. So many wanta be subs cry and beg for you to make them your sissy but most are too blind and inattentive to become a slave for a powerful mistress like myself. Most submissive males are voyeurs and not participants because they just can’t get out of their own way and submit to the pleasure zone. It requires a big commitment on the part of the mistress and slave. While I may use my cunt to obtain a following don’t be fooled. This cunt requires hours of service if you are to be collared by me. My slaves all know the different sensations of pleasure I demand. Not all pleasure is cut out equality and some pleasures have many layers underneath the top layer of pleasure. The question is are you ready to commit to exploration of pleasure? Are you ready to find out how pleasure can be used for and against yourself? Do you have the ability just to take another breathe and ride the waves of desire and pleasure only a mistress can bring to her submissive?

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